“As beautiful as John’s shoes were, I don’t think that we ever expected Josh to be like him – just bring out some new shoes. Josh has incredible footwear.”
- Anthony Kiedis - Q Magazine UK, 2011
“If that’s what you’re thinking, then don’t even question it. Go let your freak flag fly, brother.”
- Anthony KiedisScar Tissue
“I find it hard to meet the right woman as people assume I’m a certain type of person - which I’m not.”
- Anthony Kiedis
“Being a Red Hot Chili Pepper is about being free and not being tied down to anything, not trying to fit into any mold, or any style, or any category.”
- Flea, Funky Monks Documentary, 1991
Words escape.
Aiai. <3 

my eyes popped out, my dick got hard & i dropped my jaw


hahah random posts are random. and pointless. it’s midnight and listening to apache rose peacock is hilarious. 

Defenestrando Sentimentos

Defenestrando Sentimentos

Procrastinadora crônica, humana não praticante, hedonista phronética que fugiu da ressocialização.